Another PIP Success for our Client

Our client had been awarded high rate mobility and high rate care on DLA for an indeterminate period some time ago. In 2016 she received the transition to PIP application which she completed with the help of a relative. Following this and a home visit from a DWP Health Professional she was awarded PIP enhanced rate mobility and enhanced rate care for two years.

In early 2018 she received the renewal form from DWP, and decided to approach us for assistance with completing the forms. Our adviser looked at the case, and having considered the client’s serious life-limiting health issues could not understand why the award had not been made for longer than two years. Our adviser reviewed all the client’s health information, and after completing the renewal forms drafted a letter of support which outlined the award that we considered should be made for our client taking into account age and health conditions; this was submitted to DWP for their consideration.

We have just heard from our client with the fantastic news that she has been awarded enhanced rate mobility & care for ten years – and this was without a DWP Health Professional visit – it was all considered on the medical evidence and our submissions alone.

What a fantastic start to the weekend – we love it when our clients get news like thisĀ  – it makes what we do so worthwhile.

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