Home Saved before Christmas

Our client approached us with just days to go before being evicted due to mortgage arrears. We urgently prepared witness statements along with an application to suspend the warrant and emailed these to the court prior to the hearing. After considering the evidence the Court decided that the warrant of eviction be suspended and our [...]

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Another PIP Success for our Client

Our client had been awarded high rate mobility and high rate care on DLA for an indeterminate period some time ago. In 2016 she received the transition to PIP application which she completed with the help of a relative. Following this and a home visit from a DWP Health Professional she was awarded PIP enhanced [...]

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PIP Award and Backpayment

This was our client's first application for PIP after having to finish work due to a deterioration in her health condition. It took the DWP five months for a decision to be reached, in which they awarded her 0 points. With our expert assistance she appealed this, as she was unable to care for herself [...]

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Successful Review of Unsuitable Accommodation

Our client came to us after having been offered accommodation under the Housing Act 1996 which she felt was unsuitable for her and her family's needs as she had significant health problems. She accepted the accommodation having been in shared temporary accommodation for some time and in the light of there being only one offer [...]

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Rent Reduced and Arrears Written Off

We requested a review of the suitability of a client's temporary accommodation on the basis that it was wholly unaffordable to her. Following our letter, we received a call from the Local Authority stating that they were aware that the rent was unaffordable and they did not expect the tenants to meet the full rent, [...]

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PIP Decision Set Aside

We were asked for help by the family of an Eastern European gentleman who had poor English. He had become disabled and claimed PIP, but was refused despite having very limited walking ability. His family helped him to appeal and accompanied him to a Tribunal Hearing where the Tribunal Service provided an interpreter. The family [...]

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Homeless Family Found Home

From our fab housing team: Client, partner and 2 kids living with relatives for over a decade; property became unsuitable. We advised Client make homeless application to Local Authority (LA), LA unlawfully refused to take application. Our team wrote to LA asking to take application under threat of Judicial Review. LA agreed and has now [...]

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Client’s Eviction Delayed

Another good result from our team. Our Client had received an order for sale for her property due to non payment of legal fees, which had resulted out of a lengthy legal procedure. Our client was unfortunately experiencing a period of ill health. An approach to the Claimant was unsuccessful as they refused to [...]

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Huge Overpayment Wiped

Fantastic outcome at tribunal this week - our brilliant benefits team conducted a successful appeal for a vulnerable client facing an £85,000 Income Support and £70,000 housing & council tax benefits overpayment totalling  £155K+; tribunal decided it should not be recoverable from our client, in turn Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to continue with [...]

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