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Criminal Solicitors

Are you a Criminal Solicitor? We may be able to help your clients avoid costly penalties and even custodial sentences.

Clients facing criminal prosecution for benefit fraud are often at the mercy of large overpayment figures being pursued by the DWP etc, however the REALLY frightening fact is that more often than not these figures are simply WRONG!

Here at T.A. Law our experts can carry out detailed calculations according to the client’s entitlements and benefit offsets to produce accurate figures of what an overpayment amount should be. In some cases relating to overpayments we have successfully argued at Tribunal that a client did not have a beneficial interest in monies in their bank accounts, and in one such case this helped diminish to nil an alleged overpayment which was being pursued, which exceeded £150,000 & would have resulted in a custodial sentence. It didn’t!

Our private scale of fees are extremely competitive, and in some cases where your client is funded by Legal Aid our work can be paid for by a disbursement for an expert’s report under your client’s Legal Aid certificate.

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