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Employment and Support Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance is a welfare benefit payment for adults who are having difficulty finding work because of their long term medical condition or disability. It is an income replacement benefit paid instead of wages.

It is a benefit for people who are out of work due to illness or disability.

There are two types of ESA:-

  • Contribution Based ESA – you can get this if you have paid enough National Insurance contributions.
  • Income Related ESA – you can get this if you are on a low income, either on its own or in addition to Contribution Based ESA.

You may be paid up to £110.75 a week if you’re placed in the support group – this is for people who are unable to return to work due to their illness or disability.

If you need help with an ESA claim or appeal, please contact us on telephone number 01792 485222 or by email to help@benefitlawyers4U.com