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From evictions to homelessness, and everything in between, we can help

From evictions to homelessness,

and everything in between, we can help

Your Social Welfare Law Experts

Your Social Welfare Law Experts

T.A. Law are specialists in all aspects of housing law advice and matters before the County Court and High Court.

We can help whether you are a tenant with a private landlord, tenant with the Council/Local Authority/housing association or other.

We can assist with the following:


• Possession Proceedings & Evictions (Section 21, Section 8 etc.)
• Anti social behaviour injunctions
• Breach of injunctions
• Disrepair
• Housing issues when tenant is imprisoned
• Homelessness issues
• Neighbourhood nuisance/harassment
• Can represent you in court

Legal aid funding is still available (strictly means tested) for a very limited range of housing issues, including possession orders (eviction) and disrepair that has a serious effect on health. Clients who are not entitled to legal aid or whose issues are out of scope for legal aid funding can instruct us on a private, fee-paying basis. For further information call us on 01792 485222.

Legal Advice from T.A. Law

You may be eligible to receive legal aid for assistance with a limited range of housing matters. If your matter is not in scope for legal aid funding, we may in some cases be able to assist you on a private paying, fixed fee or hourly rate basis. Contact us for further information.

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