PIP Decision Set Aside

We were asked for help by the family of an Eastern European gentleman who had poor English. He had become disabled and claimed PIP, but was refused despite having very limited walking ability. His family helped him to appeal and accompanied him to a Tribunal Hearing where the Tribunal Service provided an interpreter. The family felt that their father’s description of his walking difficulties was not being correctly relayed by the interpreter. They tried to explain this at the Tribunal but had been incorrectly perceived as trying to interrupt and had been told to be quiet. The Tribunal refused the man’s appeal, and the man and his family were rightly left with a sense of injustice.

We wrote on behalf of the client to the Tribunal service pointing out the errors and possible breach of the rules of natural Justice. The tribunal decision was successfully set aside allowing the man another opportunity to put his case properly to the Tribunal, at which he received an excellent result.

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