Successful Review of Unsuitable Accommodation

Our client came to us after having been offered accommodation under the Housing Act 1996 which she felt was unsuitable for her and her family’s needs as she had significant health problems. She accepted the accommodation having been in shared temporary accommodation for some time and in the light of there being only one offer of suitable accommodation under the Act. However the accommodation was outside her preferred area and as a result impacted on her ability to attend her hospital appointments. Further, one member of the family decided to move out, as the cost of travelling to work was too high. A review was requested, and the council agreed that the accommodation was not suitable, both because of the health considerations and because the accommodation was not affordable. The council agreed to pay a discretionary housing payment until our client was moved, clearing the rent arrears and paying the ongoing rent. Our client has now been offered a three bedroom house in the area of her choice, and is very happy with the outcome. Result!

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